In The Mood For Colour: Interior Designer Rachel Hobbs
July 03, 2022

In The Mood For Colour: Interior Designer Rachel Hobbs


In The Mood For Colour With Rachel Hobbs
At Fervor + Hue, we are passionate about colour and love to get an insight as to how you are working with your favourite shades to create your own very unique living space.
This month we got the chance to chat with Rachel Hobbs, 
rachelhobbsinteriors, Interior Architect and Designer.
Having already done an amazing transformation turning an old farmhouse into a stunning, contemporary haven centered on family life, Rachel’s fabulous creativity is always at the ready.
"Feeling like a colour injection to my house,” Rachel hints at the project that she is currently working on.  Excited at this opportunity to indulge in some adventurous design, one can only wonder what colour scheme Rachel has in mind?

“It has to be from the Collection” which Rachel explains has been inspired by Ireland’s native Design Community, featuring 29 artisans from crafts and design to art, have a key commonality; they all quote Ireland as their colour muse.

  This stunning Irish design Collection of colours holds huge appeal for Rachel- which of these gorgeous rich earthy shades will transform this space?

Rachel loves to talk about colour and design, but when tackling any project, her starting point is always in identifying the function of the room. She will ponder on various options and furniture arrangements to ensure that the space will work to its very best.
“If you have to work with something that you already have, such as a sofa”, then Rachel advises to use this as a starting point for your room design.  “It will have a big say in the overall room both in terms of furniture layout and design finishes such as flooring and colour choices.”
Taking time to think about your project, explore the possibilities and make some plans is also a chance to enjoy the stage of feeling inspired and enthusiastic. Rachel explains that a digital concept board, using Pinterest, is useful when you need to identify what inspires you.  From there, the fun really begins.  A Moodboard, with swatches, samples, patterns, and textures will go on to show you how the colours you are drawn to might work together. “It is important as it presents a real-life glimpse of the finished scheme and the reasoning behind each design decision.  This is particularly useful in keeping you focused if a project is going to take several months or longer.” Rachel advises.
When asked for any hints and tips in choosing colour for a room scheme, Rachel is renowned for her love of teal. “Because of the quality of Irish light, it is wise to be cautious when using true cool blues or any shade with a bluey undertone.”
She can also understand the appeal of neutral or muted colour décor choices especially with a young family onboard. “Sometimes you need the calming effect to balance the visual clutter of kiddies’ books and toys, so the softer backdrop can be most welcome”
Now we must wait and see what the result of Rachel’s design challenge will be.  Meanwhile somewhere on this gallery wall is there another hint of the colour scheme about to unfold.  Keep an eye on the Fervor+Hue Mood For Colour Blog Series when all shall be revealed.
Many thanks Rachel - cant wait to see what the new look for this space will be!