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What does Fervor + Hue mean?

1 ] Fervor means passion.

 2] Hue means colour.

 Passion and colour is what we stand for. Let’s bright up
your space with colour.

Our Story

Fervor + Hue is a home interior brand, with a passion dedicated to helping our customers find the colours they love and make those colours part of their every day. Based in the heart of Cork City, Ireland, our amazing team have been helping to transform homes, with a rainbow of interior décor ideas. From Tubbercurry to Newtwopothouse and from Muff to Nobber, we have thousands of happy customers. So join us on our mission to brighten the place up a bit.


Stephen was born in China, and at age of just 14, and without a word of English, was sent to Cork to study. While studying the leaving cert in a language he just started learning, he managed to complete his leaving cert and master 'the craic' of the Irish.

His plan was to go onto third-level education in Ireland, then go back home. But that plan went out the window when Stephen met, his now wife, Sinead just after finishing the leaving cert.

After college, Stephen and Sinead tried living in many different places including China, Australia and Canada, but the pull of Ireland was too strong, so they settled in Cork and have been living here ever since.

Stephen was working in the corporate world and had started a family, so it had become increasingly difficult to get the balance right between work and spending time with his family in Cork and China. He knew he needed to start his own business that would allow him to merge his two cultures and give him more opportunities to see his family in both countries and be a bigger part of their lives.

Everywhere the couple lived or visited on holidays, they would
visit any home interior store they saw, to see how people in different parts of the world lived. So when the time came to start a business, Sinead said that's exactly what Stephen should do. This is when Fervor + Hue was born. 

Fervor + Hue means passion and colour and that's exactly what the business is. Stephen's passion for bringing colour and style to homes around Ireland and our range of products reflects that.

Stephen is involved with everything from product design to production and even sales. His personal touch emanates through the entire company. 

The Fervor + Hue collections are now available in over 230 interior decor stores in Ireland. So if you've visited a home interior store, you may well have seen some of our products.

Find out more about Stephen and his story by listening to his
interview on Stephen Ryan's podcast, 24 Stories, below.

Our Story