Decorating The Christmas Tree
December 08, 2021

Decorating The Christmas Tree


No 1- Consider Your Room Decor Style & Colour Scheme

For a beautifully professional looking Christmas tree take a good look at the room where the tree will stand.  Decorations in some of the colours which already appear in the room décor will have the most spectacular impact. This will ensure that the tree creates a striking centre piece which sits seamlessly in the room.

For this glam tree sprinkle a liberal dusting of icy touches for an enchanted white Christmas. Sparkling lights, delicate blues and frosted finishes create a snow globe scene.

 No 2 - Introducing an Accent Colour

Soft Gold is the Accent colour on the tree but is also worked into the room setting with cushions, gift wrap and a clear vase filled with baubles on the coffee table.

 No 3 - Getting The Right Fit

When choosing a real tree, select one that you can see completely before buying and having it netted for transport.  It is the only way to ensure evenly dispersed branches and will take all the hard work out of setting up the tree when you get you can be sure that the height is right.

Trees come in many different styles. This scandi-style hanger twig tree works where space is limited.  It is also a stylish option if the main tree is elsewhere in the house.  The exposed brickwork makes the perfect backdrop.


 No. 4 The Base Of The Tree

Give this thought before the gifts are placed under the tree-as this is how it will probably look on December 26 and every day thereafter until you take the tree down. Co-ordinated gift-wrapped pressies will look fab for the big day but options include a tree skirt  which will complement any style from rustic to luxury once you chose a pattern to work with your overall theme. Available in either fabric or woven raffia. 


 No 5. Lighting from top to toe

Safety is everything when setting up the tree.  Access to a power point to avoid trailing flexes is an important consideration.  Positioning the tree near the fire is the stuff the movies are made of! In reality only put it there if the fireplace is not in use.

The lights have to go on first.  And spread the light evenly .

Work with 2 to 3 sets depending to the height and width of the tree rather than one huge set.  Far easier to manoeuvre evenly around the trunk and along each of the branches.

Multi-function lights are great if you have a second tree in the hall or conservatory.  However the constant flickering action can be uncomfortable especially if watching tv. 



 No 6. Buy lights with a clear cable. 

Lines of black cable take work to bury into the foliage as otherwise the finished tree looks untidy.

 Black lighting cable lines look stark and cluttered on all but the deepest of green trees - and of course perfect on a black christmas tree!

Delicate sparkling finishes on the baubles loose out in the battle of black cable clutter.

Just divine! little twinkling lights in the midst of the foliage with little or no cable in sight.

 No 7. Experiment with colour lights especially in a room decorated in deep jewel shades.  Also works well in an older rustic setting.

No  8. Baubles On A String

Again, bauble strings might need to be trimmed off and replaced with lengths of florist wire.  This allows the bauble to be attached to the middle of the branch without trying to slide it over pine needles from the tip.


 No 9. Heavy Baubles Can Drag And Possibly Break Small Lighter Branches

When displaying baubles avoid hanging those large and naturally heavier ones out close to the tip of the branches which can be the weaker point. Keep large plain baubles closer to the tree spine and usually no higher than mid-way up on the tree.

  No. 10 Medium and small baubles can fill out the gaps and add visual depth when placed mid way and onto the small branch tips

  No 11. Now work with your favourites – those pieces that mean something special and prioritize at eye-level.

 No 12 Glass droplets add a dainty finishing touch which will also capture the sparkle of the tree lights.

No 13. A Snowy Scandi-tree Can Be Dressed Completely In White Including Wooden Decorations

No 14. Introduce seasonal reds with bunches of berries instead of baubles.

No 15.  Candy canes Add festive Fun & colour



No16.  Festive Figurines standing around at the tree base are the perfect finishing touch for your christmas decor theme.

Enjoy All The Magic of Christmas With Those You Love!