Colour Pop of The Month Copper
October 21, 2022

Colour Pop of The Month Copper

Colour Pop Of The Month; Copper
Check instore and online for some amazing Copper Colour Popping Offers.
 There’s something about the changing seasonal light that gives deep rich copper an inviting appeal.  After the summer high, copper brings its own spectacular highlight to a new season.  It captures an autumn abundant with fiery foliage which works amazingly to show the power of colour and how it can impact on our health and well-being.
This makes it the perfect choice for creating an indulgent interior to enjoy during the darker months of the year. One would be forgiven for wanting to retreat indoors and hibernate but copper is a vibrant and uplifting late-season hero.
Add a dramatic accent with cushions when worked as a metallic twist on the couch. For a rich luxurious touch add velvet cushions in deep rich copper and complementary grey. Pictured above now available online at Enjoy some irresistible colour-popping offers with selected cushions now up to 30% off. 
Abstract Feather Copper now €13.25
Urban Line, available in Grey and Copper now €12
Velvet Piped Copper now €15.25
 Celebrate the seasonal change by using the glow of candlelight in copper metal lanterns to create an inspiring and inviting space. Use the Fervor + Hue battery operated LED Candles for a dreamy yet realistic effect.
The right choice in artwork can have an amazing impact on the overall style of a room. Use the power of vibrant copper to spectacular effect with any of the paintings currently on Colour Pop Offer with up to 50% off.
The Jason Metal Floor Lamp and Ceiling Pendant present the perfect opportunity to introduce the beauty of the Edison Filament Bulb with its smoky glass finish as a new lighting feature to a hall or livingroom. The full Edison Filament Bulb collection is now on colour-popping offer at 10%.