February 18, 2022



 Fall in love with your living room all over again by adding some plump new cushions. Even if you’re not starting an entire décor scheme revamp, changing just a few key pieces can achieve a very appealing room transformation.  Watch how quickly your living room sofa or conservatory can become an oasis of calm while luxe drama can strike in the toss of velvet pillow.

The finishing touch use of colour in cushions can play a key role within a décor scheme and is often referred to as the “jewellery of the room”. Every room needs a magic ingredient that takes it from finished to fabulous!

Style Secret….

 When opting for a neutral shade on the walls and floor, be playful with your soft furnishings and consider threading splashes of colour and pattern through the fabric used for your scatter cushions.  Layering and mixing patterns creates a warm inviting ambience in your home. This is further enhanced by adding interesting textures and hues.  For 2022  Fervor +Hue is brim full of wool, velvet and linen cushions in shades from Dusty Pink to vibrant Fuschia and Saffron.

Cushions also offer a tempting opportunity to introduce new season décor trends.  Check out the collections at Fervor + Hue for inspiration and designs that are irresistible.


 FANTASY …….     Colour Stories that are bold and daring with the power to evoke creativity and optimism...


A green/grey connect at a bolder deeper level which is more dramatic and enveloping

Purple blending the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red



Fabulous Cushions In Bright Tones & Punchy Graphic Shapes from €19.95 for a touch of luxe! Layer with vibrant Velvet Piped Cushions, €16.95 for a striking combination.



Cushions that are vibrant but not over whelming…..

 Layer with the different depths of blue as inspired from the “Summer Flowers” €24.95 print itself. 


 Cushion Chenille Print Clarke Mosaic Multi, €24.95,Inspired by the infusion of colour in stain glass windows….


Purple is having something of a moment in 2022. Mood lifting and warm, this cushion style is about bringing energy, confidence, and optimism to your lounge.



This Serenity Cushion Collection promotes a mellow, more relaxing mood offering a mental escape route from busy schedules and looming deadlines


Evoking nature’s summer landscape, use this palette of dreamy deep shades and the natural cooling touch of linen to create a serene feel in the home. This nature-inspired palette features a trend where the focus is on regaining our connection to the natural world where mixing greens with blue is perfect for creating a retreat that is also a place of beauty so ideal for use in your everyday living space.

 Quaint floral patterns in subtle shade both work to achieve that visual connection with nature. Mixing greens with blue is perfect for creating a retreat that is also a place of beauty.

Style Secret:

Contrast the trad florals cushions with modern lighting, plain linens or luxe velvets for a contemporary look.


Part Two of the Serenity Linen Weave Collection continues the easy, laid-back mood.

 Let your imagination drift to a warm and historic Mediterranean adding shots of terracotta and lime as accent shades with “Morocco Trail” available in 50cm, €22.95. This will make for a restful, yet gently energising scheme.


Style Secret

 Compliment it with rustic details e.g. woven rattan furniture to add a modern edge with streamlined pieces such as metal lanterns.  Natural wood flooring will enhance the eye-catching appeal in this scheme.



Inspiring colours in linen weave fabric, €16.95. choose from

  • LIME
  • MOSS



If you are drawn to more rich and fiery colours, then an earthy palette is for you. These shades offer the perfect embrace, creating a sense of comfort and earthy opulence. Highly textured fabrics add to the opulent feel of the rich ochre and blue hues which are decadently luxurious yet reassuringly down to earth. Introduce tones of paprika to spice up your scheme.

Style Secret

Wonderfully versatile, these cushions work equally well as part of light and dark schemes. Anchor this rich palette with charcoal or partner with creamy whites for a livelier effect.

 Shown here is Tapestry Spice Trail in Red and Blue. Also available in Midnight.



The collection based on classic weaves to create the cushion pattern is delivering traditional design but with a fresh twist.  In 2022 it is no surprise that people are craving a sense of comfort, timelessness, and a hint of nostalgia in their homes.  Depending on the living room scheme, these cushions have the flexibility to range from looking neat and tailored to soft and welcoming in wonderful shades from earth and sky.

The colour-fleck thread in the woven herringbone pattern offers rich visual interest in a textured cushion material that equals a striking modern rustic look for today’s home.



Cushion prices range from €18.95, with matching throws €65.

The Teal Rust Check Cushion, available in two size options with matching throw is wonderful for bringing the benefits of the great outdoors into your home. Earthy copper with blue replicates the harmony of land and sky to instil a mellow calm in a room.


Offering a contemporary take on pastels, the Blue Yellow Check is a less sugary and more full-bodied style which could be just enough to lift a neutral scheme.