In the Spotlight: Eames Dining Chairs
August 24, 2020

In the Spotlight: Eames Dining Chairs

When you’re trying to add a modern touch to your home, it’s difficult to find the blend of sophisticated and retro that fits into any home. The comfortable yet stylish Eames dining chairs have been a popular style of product for many years, and it’s easy to see why. Made from quality materials and with a padded seat area, they don’t sacrifice comfort, but still add a pop of colour to any home.


The Kitchen Essential

Whether you’re updating your whole kitchen or are trying to change the décor in small ways, the Eames dining chair can do it. Because of its versatility and range of colours, it can fit into any home with ease, making it look contemporary no matter the age and style of the kitchen. Whether you go for a vibrant mix of colour or a more muted tone, all of your dinner guests will feel right at home sitting in these dining chairs. Talking and eating around the table has never been more comfortable. The combination of metal and wood means that the legs are sturdy, and they’ll look good against any style of table whether it’s light or dark wood, or even glass.


The Office Staple

With so many of us now working from home, we all need an office chair where we can comfortably work. With the Eames collection, you’ll be able to sit for hours on these comfortable padded seats. Whether you have a home office or have found yourself a small corner of the house to work in, these chairs won’t look out of place. Much more stylish than your standard office chair, they still provide the same amount of support – encouraging a straight-backed but natural posture that will help to discourage back pain.


Versatile Space

If you have any teenagers in your life, then you know that setting up a suitable place where they can study is key. We’ve found that they love the look of the Eames chair. It can fit in with the décor of their room, without reminding them too much of school. Perfect for those with a habit of poor posture, it’s a comfortable place to get some studying done, browse the internet, or even play computer games. Whether you are looking for an extra chair for your book nook, chairs for drinks with friends, or even a gift for someone, you can’t go wrong with an Eames dining chair. Fusing contemporary and retro style, it fits instantly into any home, adding a designer note but without being in your face.


Colour and Design

With a beautiful matte finish, the Eames chairs ooze quality at a great price. Currently available in a range of colours and styles, all of these chairs have sturdy legs so there won’t be any wobble. Assembly is also a piece of cake. All instructions and screws are included so you can attach the legs with ease. The legs themselves are great on both carpets and wooden floors, so you don’t have to worry about damage. They may be fashionable, but they are ready for whatever use you have for them.



If you’re looking to add something different to your home, whether it’s a new pop of colour to your kitchen or revamping the old office chair, then the Eames Collection is sure to have something for you. Fevor and Hue are committed to bringing you the best in furniture, and it doesn’t get any better than these beautifully well-rounded dining chairs.