How To Create Cool Arty Room Décor
January 29, 2021

How To Create Cool Arty Room Décor


All too often art is treated as an afterthought but it has just as much impact on a space as the furniture and can add some serious wow to both newly designed and existing room schemes.

Pick your favourite art and then actually let the colours from the painting go on to inspire a complete room décor scheme.  Most people are going for a certain look with their homes and a key piece of art can fit in with this (or set the theme for the décor scheme and the atmosphere of the room) if a favourite piece really stands out. The colours you want to highlight can go on to be used in the same tone in cushions, throws and even right down to the metallic finishes for lighting.  It is so amazing just how one painting can work as a moodboard for an entire room plan.

Do Keep In Mind That…

Any spot is fine to hang a picture provided it is not going to be damaged by its location which is usually one of the following:

  • Too close to a heat source with smoke blackening the painting
  • Keep precious pieces out of direct sunlight – move if showing any signs of fading
  • Children's Play Area- need we say any more
  • On a wall between two large windows can be hard to see properly in daylight when the sun is pouring in

 What size wall art do I need?

A useful guide  to help you plan ahead

- Measure the width of your empty wall

- Multiply that figure by 0.57 to get the perfect art-to-wall ratio. So if your wall is 5m wide, 2.85 is your magic number

Large bold pictures usually look best displayed singly or in pairs. Small pictures are often better carefully arranged in groups.

- Pick the wall art size closest to this figure – you'll find the most common sizes from the Fervor + Hue collection below:

80cm x 120cm

80cm x 80cm

70cm x70cm

60cm x 120cm

60cm x 90cm

60cm x60cm

50cm x 60cm

- 50 x 50cm

If you think that your picture might disappear on a big wall, take it to a frame maker who can do wonders with coloured mount and striking frame styles. This will now help to increase the total picture size.


How to hang wall art

Arm as follows: a hammer, pencil and spirit level…actually forget the last bit and check if you have already got a Measure app on your phone….plus might be worth checking that all  internal electrical wiring will not be affected as nails are being hammered in…


So how to get your picture to sit just oh so peachy over the furniture….


Wall art over the sofa

- Measure your sofa – your wall art should be about 2/3 of its width-..this might mean repeat use of a picture and using two to cover the area

-the ideal height will be when the centre of the picture is at eye level.  This can be tricky in the living room where you sit and stand so it is a matter of deciding on a level that is a compromise between the two to decide which is the  perfect place for the bottom of your artwork to sit above the sofa…but then again if the sofa is close to the wall, it might be wiser to move all up to a more practical height for your gang,

Hanging wall art above a fireplace:

- Measure the width of your fireplace – your wall art should be at least 2/3 of its width

- Measure 10-30cm above the mantelpiece – this is the perfect height for the bottom of your wall art to sit -if it is a traditional fireplace, leave the optimum distance above the mantlepiece

Hanging wall art above a staircase:

- Measure a point that is eye level from the floor – this is where the centre of your first picture should sit

- Measure a point that is eye level from every third step. This will form a diagonal line upon which the centre of each print

Top tips on creating a Gallery Wall

Lay out your artwork on top of a large rug and use this as your guide to create the perfect arrangement of frames.  Once you are happy, take a photo on your phone and use this as a reference guide to hanging the pictures on the wall

It’s a good idea to use the largest artwork as your starting point in your gallery wall and build the rest of the display from the middle out.

Grouping pictures by theme is a good get-go point.  But don’t make it too organised -put a surprise in randomly.

Even spacing between pictures is key to creating a smart grid arrangement.  Ensure that you plan and measure the arrangements precisely before you start banging nails into the wall. 5cm space is a good guideline