Be Inspired- Let Art Do The Work
January 18, 2021

Be Inspired- Let Art Do The Work


Favourite pieces of artwork, a quirky collection of prints and memorabilia, plus some treasured family photos can provide the finishing touches to your room scheme, turning a blank featureless wall into an eye-catching display that simply says you all the way.. Take your pick from our selection of modern art and see just how quick and easy it is to add impact to your room scheme. Hard to resist… absolutely..let's get you thinking about art in a very different way.

Wall Art Style

To start with, art in all its glory, can still be narrowed down to the following style themes:

Abstract playfully works by blurring stark lines into a play of colour, tones and texture without any distinct form. This makes it a very popular choice. It causes interest because it truly is in the eye of the beholder to take their own of what the picture might represent.

Botanical is inspired by nature from a single flower to an entire forest with meadows filled with lavender, sunflowers and poppies all proving to be firm favourites

Classic generally refers to reproduction of historically known art.

Nautical is inspired by the sea to include boats, the sandy shoreline and waves in motion

Geometric is modern art featuring distinctive shapes or lines.

Illustration art can range from the happy funky animal pictures to the Music series piano and cello canvas all of which are drawings.

Photography refers to a wealth of amazing digital imagery.  All the better when it tells your story.


Which Style Will Work For You


Its all down to personal taste and what you can handle…usually is a good idea to keep in mind the overall room décor style and mood so that the art piece can enhance the theme.


Modern: Most contemporary homes will benefit from a lively colour punch abstract or geometric painting.  Anybody mention the grey sofa…..

Retro will usually be influenced by a particular and distinctive era so the right wall art choice will set the mood.

Scandinavian: Embracing that calming earthy influence will work with art that has a similar effect.

Explore the following tips before making your final choice:

Forget The Frame

Who said that artwork had to go into a picture frame? Not us! Our wrapped canvas art pieces can be counted on to add an intriguing colour punch to your room scheme.


Go Supersized

Why use several smaller pieces of art to create a striking display when one or two statement pieces can do all the hard work for you.  Pick your favourite and use it on the double and then give the pair pride of place in your room scheme. Note that some abstract pictures can be hung either landscape or portrait which could be just the answer when the room height is a challenge.  Do give bigger artwork more wall space.


Tell  A Story-Buy Pieces That You Love

Let the subject of the picture connect in a relevant way with the decor of the room plus add a hint of your own character.

Design a Gallery Wall

Want to create instant impact in your space? Cover a large section of a wall with your favourite artwork for a guaranteed talking point, combining different sized frames and prints to give it a more relaxed vibe.

Propped Displays

Look past your walls for other surfaces to display artwork.  Try propping on shelves, placing it on units or just leaning against the wall for a simple but effective way of showing off your chosen pieces.