Millie Trellis Garden Furniture Set - Orange Back in stock this April Pre order now


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Millie Trellis Garden Furniture Set - Orange Back in stock this April Pre order now

2 x Millie Trellis Garden Chair and 1 x Bistro Table Set 

  • Stackable
  • Available in Midnight Blue, Yellow, Teal, Grey, Red and Orange
  • Material High-grade plastic

Create an outdoor space you can enjoy all season long and use the Millie Trellis Garden Furniture Set to add a vibrant tropical colour accent. Not only does it look amazing but is surprisingly luxuriously comfy also with its overall scoop chair shape which is just ideal for long lazy brunches. In one complete high-grade plastic mould, the chair is also very practical. There are no metal bits going rusty and is stackable four high when you need to store them away over the winter months.

For smaller courtyards chose a single colour. Larger spaces can take a more eclectic approach with as much of a colour mix as you can handle


  • Total Chair Height 79cm
  • Seat Height: 43cm
  • Arm Height: 60cm
  • Seat Width: 59cm
  • Total Floor Space Coverage(approx.) 61cm sq

The ideal table to complete your outdoor chill-time space. The height works a treat for easy access to your choice of refreshment while relaxing in the garden.  The textured basketweave detail on the  table top not only looks good but adds a useful non-slip feature to the many plus points that this table delivers.

  • H70cm x D:65cm
  • Suitable for outdoor use but should be stored inside when not in use
  • 100% high-grade moulded plastic
  • Fixed leg detail

Caring For Your Garden Furniture

Outdoor Furniture can transform your garden into the ideal living space all summer long.  No one wants to have to put extra work to keep everything looking good but a little effort will make so much difference to the lifetime of each piece.  Think of it along the lines of mow the grass, water the plants and wipe down the furniture to keep all rosy in the garden.

Millie Trellis

Is made from high quality polypropylene plastic. This results in a lightweight but wonderfully comfortable chair.  While sturdy, it does not mean that it can be left outside all year round.  Freezing temperatures will affect this material and repeated change in temperature will wear down the integrity.  Millie deserves a little tlc to keep her looking bright and cheery

Wash with warm water and a gentle detergent.  Rinse and allow to air-dry

No scrubbing with anything abrasive

Store indoors when summer is over.  Millie chairs can be stacked 4 deep so will not take up too much space inside.  Ensure that chairs are clean and dry before storing.

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