Jason Metal Ceiling Light Pendant SP1

The Jason Metal Lighting Collection celebrates the simplicity of industrial style lines and the historic Edison Spiral Filament Bulb. The Jason Metal Ceiling Light Pendant embraces the beauty of the copper bulb glow in a subtle black metal cage shade. With over 1 metre of black fibre-coated flex, there are several opportunities where this intriguing fixture can be used as an ambient light solution.

  • Hallway for a welcoming glow
  • Kitchen Island Unit to highlight by hanging one or several
  • Dining Table where 3 to 5 can be hung at varying levels for maximum impact
  • Bedroom by replacing bedside lamps with low-hanging pendants

Product Specifications:

Black metal shade attached to black coated flex with ceiling mount

Dimensions: W270mm x D270mm x 1300mm

Bulb: Recommended use with screw-in Edison Spiral. Filament Bulb Size 2 €10 use with 60 watt max.