May 01, 2021


Colour can be used in many ways to aid that sense of relaxation and escape from the outer world.  Blue, in any of its variety of shades does this very well.  It is part of our every waking hour from the soft blue at dawn to the bright blue of a mid -summer’s day and the finale of dramatic midnight sky filled with starlight.  This collection captures the promise of each new day.

The soft dusky duck-egg blue background makes it an appealing colour to use in the living room.  Layer with the different depths of blue as inspired from the “Summer Flowers” print itself.  The use of textural velvet in subtle blue tones will create an elegant finish while the contemporary floral print will keep the overall finish very easy to live with.

With the promise of each new day, comes that upbeat lift when warming yellow sunshine arrives on the scene.  Play with this notion by introducing that pop of rich saffron as an engaging accent in the room scheme.


Duck-egg blue, with its hint of grey provides a calming mellow shade.  As the background colour on the “Summer Flowers” print cushion, it will never appear cold thanks to the luxurious chenille velvet texture.  It is a classic country colour but given a modern twist with the quirky upbeat flower design.

The Celine Chair would be the perfect seating option with its graceful curving lines in tune with the subtle elegance of the room scheme.