Colour Pop Of The Month: Sunflower Yellow
September 21, 2022

Colour Pop Of The Month: Sunflower Yellow

Colour Pop Of The Month: Sunflower Yellow
Give your home the wow-factor with the golden glow of Sunflower Yellow.
Autumn has arrived at the new Fervor + Hue store in Wilton Shopping Centre and in the Cornmarket Centre. There are oodles of sunflower colour popping products now in stock to inspire you.
 As Nature prepares to ripen into a vibrant golden patchwork, celebrate the seasonal change with a scheme of earthy deep yellow shades, layered with rustic textures across warm woods and patterned weaves.
 The radiant, sun-like appearance of sunflowers has led them to be a popular subject for artists down through the centuries.  If you love sunflowers, it is said that you are as warm and radiant as the flower itself.
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As Autumn arrives, we welcome this wonderful, feel-good yellow into our homes. Whether on the walls with a quirky piece of art, or on the sofa with some cushions, there are many ways of indulging in this happy tone.  When the basic scheme is neutral, with grey furniture and off-white walls, gradually add character with pops of sunflower yellow.
Use in the kitchen to counterbalance a contemporary white or grey kitchen.  It will add warmth in contrast to the otherwise sleek, minimalist kitchen cabinetry.
 For rich autumnal cheer, celebrate the joy of cosy by adding cushions and throws in Tweedy Herringbone ochre.  The key is warmth and comfort.  The woven pattern offers relaxing textural interest to this lovely rich deep yellow shade which will look so cosy and comforting during the cooler months of the year.
Most of the meanings associated with sunflowers come from the way in which the flowers turn their heads to follow the sun, signifying loyalty and consistency. Tap into the personality that artwork brings.  Go for a full-on bloom-laden painting…It is a simple way to inject an interesting accent into a room scheme. This happy colour will work beautifully to add welcoming upbeat statement to a hallway. 
A firm favourite with its ability to add warmth, the glow of the Sunflower Yellow looks amazing with  blues, greens and plums.
The Fervor + Hue Home Collection is now available instore at the Cornmarket Centre and pictured here, in Wilton Shopping Centre.
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