Insider Guide: Choosing Dining Chairs
January 07, 2022

Insider Guide: Choosing Dining Chairs


The Kitchen has never had so many demands placed on it as is the case in modern homes and getting the chairs right requires patient research. It’s not only about the style of the dining chairs but also the ergonomics and comfort they will provide.


 Planning your kitchen layout will naturally need to accommodate such multi-use as cooking, dining and entertaining. It pays to carefully consider the layout, the colour palette, lighting and the materials used to ensure all family action is taken into account.  This will also reflect on a practical level on the choice of chair.

The Right Fit

The table creates an instant focus in most kitchens and so comfortable seating and lighting needs are top priorities. This will enhance the feeling of a wonderfully welcoming space.  An open-plan layout can be zoned for food preparation, everyday living and entertaining.  Use lighting, wall art and a change of flooring to define the different spaces.

 To give an idea of what table size you might need,  allow approx. 60cm of space for every person seated at the table and allow 15cm between each diner to move comfortably in and back from the table.


The Right Height

As a rule, the following measurements will offer a useful guide when choosing your dining chairs and table.  Do remember that there isn’t an industrial standard height which can vary between different countries and suppliers.  This makes it very important to check all furniture dimensions before buying furniture online. Comfort is a key factor when choosing kitchen chairs and that is why it is a good idea to check this out first before making a final commitment. Wie love to have customers visit the Fervor + Hue showroom, in the Cornmarket Centre, Cork and do the "bum test".

Take time to jot down the measurements of any existing table or chairs which you are planning on keeping. Getting the match right will enhance the dining experience as guests have room to move elbows and knees.

Take note of the following:

CHAIR SEAT HEIGHT        43cm to 48cm from floor to top of the chair seat

CHAIR ARM HEIGHT        Important if you would like the chairs to slide in            under the table or island counter and where kitchen floor space is compact.

CHAIR BACK HEIGHT       Not too high if kitchen is compact

TABLE HEIGHT                   71cm – 76cm from floor to top of table

ISLAND HEIGHT                 91cm to 1metre approx..



Allow minimum 24cm to maximum 30cm with the ideal distance 26cm.



Chairs can be classy or casual, identical or random, in a co-ordinating set with your table…or not! Remember that mismatched seating is perfectly acceptable because it is flexible and casual and offers an opportunity to make a visual  design theme statement. It will work once there is a consistent element such as the material, colour or the upholstery.



Daisy T Dining Chair, available in 5 different colour options, €78, offers a compact armchair with armrests. Great choice if your favourite dinner parties are the ones where guests love to chat and linger. This is also a stackable chair which is useful if you have an extendable table allowing you to accommodate more diners when needed. Stack away the extras until needed.



Easy Elegance!

The Celine Chair is a strikingly simple design yet is remarkably clever as it offers all the comfort and support of an armchair. Use as a contemporary alternative to the traditional carver dining chair.



 The choice of kitchen dining chair colour can also have an exciting impact on the look and the appeal of the overall kitchen.

It has never been easier to give your kitchen a makeover and you don’t even need to lift a paint brush. The Eames Style Padded Dining Chair offers function with style and will also work to inject that uplifting pop of colour.

Aqua     This energizing shade of blue is sure to lift the spirits. Works in harmony with a sun-filled kitchen to create that instant feelgood space. Echoes with a sunny Mediterranean vibe.


Yellow   The colour of sunshine, that is instantly carefree and uplifting. Will look fantastic in a primarily white or grey kitchen.  Sure to brighten everybody’s mood.

Green   Optimistic and upbeat, this rich vibrant tone echoes the great outdoors and luxurious green foliage. Will work to give a modern update in a primarily black and white scheme

Black      For a dramatic and chic statement, black is the absolute winner as black and white never fail to have a bold impact.

Grey      Always a popular choice for it’s laid-back sense of quiet style.

Orange Said to boost the appetite as well as the mood which makes it a classic go-to colour choice in any dining space

White    White lifts the everyday in a simple yet calming way.  The ideal choice to keep a kitchen visually clutter-free



The Eames Padded Dining Chair is available also as a barstool and in all those same gorgeous colours. €120


The Finish designer Hay is the creative genius who inspired this deceptively simple Low-back barstool €120.  Offering sturdy design which will fit neatly under the kitchen island counter.