Lighting create that warm home glow
January 13, 2021

Lighting create that warm home glow

It could be a cool industrial table lamp, a cleverly positioned cluster of pendants or the breath-taking floor lamp that seems to defy gravity, the right lighting can set the mood of the room while transforming how much more enjoyable that very space can be to live in.
Warm and welcoming – such is the effect that we all should be aiming for. But achieving that perfect balance is not as easy as you might think.  That is why we have put together some thoughtful pointers to give you a helping hand in getting your mood lighting just right.

What is ambient lighting?

The main purpose of ambient lighting is to act as your main source of illumination, but without the warehouse glow of a supermarket from the 70s! If it’s well thought-out, it shouldn’t create any glare, so as not to distract your attention, and it shouldn’t be too bright or dark, as both will tire out your eyes. Lighting should work around you and your needs rather than the other way around.  Start by with your furniture layout and then select the lighting to suit.  Available floor space will instantly tell where and how many table lamps and floor lamps you can introduce, plus available power-points.

Usually, this type of lighting is created using the right balance of ceiling and free-standing lamps.  Wall-mounted fixtures can be included in the mix but do require more thought when fitting.  Just have to remember that they are not as versatile as lamps which can be easily moved about.


Ceiling fixtures (chandeliers, pendants, recessed and track lighting) help to evenly diffuse the light throughout the room, while lamps soften the corners as it were within the room. A mixture of both could be your solution – just the lamps would be perfect for chill-out, Netflix nights but the main light is needed when the room is in full use.  An open-plan space such as the kitchen will utilize a combination of recessed lighting for general ambient light while more decorative, industrial style drop-pendants will work to home in on the sociable dining area.

Need more light to get a job done?


Let us move on to task lighting, which you might use when you study, work or just want to curl up with a great book.  In the living room, create a cosy, relaxing reading nook with the use of a floor lamp over a comfy armchair.  Do check that the lamp will deliver the level of light that is needed.  Finally, light should fall on to a book from over the shoulder for truly comfy bedtime reading.


Creating the high-lights

Accent lights will work to highlight that super-wow painting, sculpture or that particular something of which you are very happy to be the proud owner.  Take it handy as all too easy to go overboard here.


Style Details


While practical matters are important, you can totally nail it by considering the light fixtures as another tool in your room décor scheme.  All those eye-catching wood and metallic finishes will add another element of serious style that should not be overlooked. 

When you are winding down at the end of the day, your choice of bedroom lighting should offer a gentle background glow to aid total calm and relaxation. Woods and metals in white or soft gold are the dreamy go-to options.

The kitchen has a bigger ask, where action and chill-out can carry equal demands. Here the metallic pendants, can have major visual impact with the use of one or more long flex shades suspended over the dining area.

Well-positioned floor and table lamps is the key to creating that cosy, warm vibe in the living room which is so vital in 2021.  If the room décor theme is more Scandi  look to the pale woods for the perfect easy complement.  Leathers and warm woods will look at home in a contemporary interior with the use of industrial style lighting.