F+H Tips on Planning Your Home Office Lighting
February 15, 2021

F+H Tips on Planning Your Home Office Lighting

Getting your home office lighting sorted can have a big impact on your comfort and concentration levels.

Table lamps


The lamp should be at or slightly below eye level.  The aim is that the bare bulb should not be seen. Position the light to shine directly on to the page which is the best plan to avoid eyestrain.  At any time, do take a break and remember to blink...super simple! Your eyes are often deprived of this natural function as we stare at phone and computer screens for hours on end. The discomfort can be epic!

Metro table lamp


Contemporary light design offers some very cool style options so it isn’t all about function only.  You can actually love the look of the lamp as well as enjoying it’s practical role.

The classic modern design for a desk lamp is a deep cowl shade and a sleek metal stand.  A metal shade will focus the light directly onto a particular task which is spot on.  A fabric shade will diffuse light casting a gentle glow into the total area which is the perfect solution for a reading lamp in a living room or bedroom.

 Marshall table lamp


 Go for a compact design with an adjustable head and sturdy base so that you can direct the light exactly where you want. Neutral colours in metal, wood and fabric will fit in with any home office design, ambitious or otherwise.  A neat base with a sleek stem will give max space on the desk for keyboards, reading notes and the beloved coffee cup.