April 12, 2021


A collection based on the notion that life isn’t about waiting for summer to happen and that we can do much to enjoy the everyday by the choices we make when decorating our homes. 

Rose Quartz, Copper with glimpses of teal and midnight instantly bring warmth to create a very inviting living space…an instinct that we naturally follow here in this part of the world. 

Do not be afraid to experiment with the colour and decorative pattern that this look embraces.  The deep rich and captivating shades are easy on the eye yet exciting in the combination of working warm spicy tones with deep blues.

Choose a hero piece of art to capture the mood that works for you.

Here the hand-painted canvas Elephant Copper makes a statement that is powerful, indulgent and vivid.

Shades of earth and sky from the picture work to inspire a room colour scheme. The earthy oranges and coppers hold the stabilising effect that nature itself offers while the blues bring a calming yet refreshing balance.  Hints of saffron and ochre echo the colours of the sunset sky.

Rose Quartz in velvet is one of the key accent colours giving this collection its visual appeal.  The hint of pink works as an unpredictable yet calming neutral to complement the rich blue and orange shades.


If you are still unsure about using bold pattern, let the wall canvas “Wild West Hero” set a quirky and upbeat mood.

Rich coppery tones offset with an array of beautiful blues in rich textures such as tapestry and velvet.  The patterns are playfully woven with tints of blue and orange making it irresistible when it comes to piling on as many plain cushions in the full array of those colours cushions as possible. Textures are important for bringing this scheme to life and velvets work to show off the depth of the colours used in the patterned cushions, Fiesta Orange, and Midnight Spice Trail.

Pictured here are Velvet Piped Cushions In Midnight and Copper

When decorating with dramatic colours, include tones of the colours, to achieve a more relaxed feel.  It also helps to avoid a scheme appearing to have been created by sticking rigidly to certain colours only which was all too often the outcome in a previous era of home décor.

Pictured here: Velvet Piped Orange

Complete this exuberant and unique look with pools of warm glow lamplight.  The Metro Table Lamp with its gracefully curved shape, and linen fabric shade will add an informal style note to complement the Earth & Sky Collection.  It does feature an adjustable head making it the ideal choice to work as a reading lamp also.