Special Event Décor-Candlelight
April 24, 2017

Special Event Décor-Candlelight

With so many lanterns and sparkling glassware to choose from, Home Square is a popular destination for brides looking for “Big Day” décor ideas.

Candlelight deserves much thought. It is a major part of the event from the moment the ceremony begins and then through to the reception because it always captures just the right mood. Candles glowing in lanterns can be used up the aisle, on window ledges or at the front door to greet guests as they arrive. Do check ahead if there are any restrictions on lighting real candles – we sell so many Home Square battery-operated candles as they have a very realistic flame effect and do the job perfectly. If allowed to use real candles, then do opt for our classic wax pillars. They are smokeless, dripless and have a wonderfully long burn time. This is the ideal way to keep your lantern looking bright and sparkly for longer with no messy smoke blackening the glass.

The other plus is that you can really go overboard in using dramatic foliage entwined around the lantern with no fire hazard risk. Our faux peonies and eucalyptus look amazing when used this way with trails of real ivy.

Depending on the style of the wedding, the lantern can add a gorgeous decorative touch. If there’s a beach theme involved then choose those lanterns with wooden frames and rope handles.

Polished metal is one of the big trends again for 2017 which instantly looks so beautifully elegant.