Dining Set Eames Blue - 4 Chairs / Rectangle Table


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She had a sharp eye for detail while he had a head full of big ideas for chair design. She had a feel for colour and a sense of fun.  Without her playful input, his  chair creations would have seemed stark. The American husband and wife team, Charles and Ray Eames, achieved functionality with  a designer touch which took the world of interior decor by storm- their chair designs were pleasing and accessible.  Charles introduced modernist design to middle America but it was Ray who softened the hard edges and made it accessible to all.

Today, our customers buy these chairs thanks to that timeless design formula still offering extraordinary colour and comfort but most of all for that simple Scandi style which works so instantly with most styles of kitchen table.

Indulge your feel for colour and sense of fun, just as Ray Eames did in her life by choosing an Eames Style Padded Dining Chair in aqua. This energizing shade of blue works in harmony in a sunny kitchen for an instant Mediterranean feelgood vibe.

Because the ergonomically moulded polyproplene shell provides support where needed, it also makes the Eames Style Chair with Padded Seat an excellent choice for use in the home office.

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