Candle Snow Bag


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An exciting element to boost the impact of your festive decor.  At first sight, it would appear to be a bag of scatter snow which we usually sprinkle to add the effect of fresh snowfall.  But also included in the bag is a length of candlewick and therein lies the magic.  Trim a little piece, and pop into a neat mound of the snow, and hey presto, you can now introduce the glow of candlelight into your christmas tablescape. Take a minute to watch our demo video and you will be inspired.

  • 1 bag of powder candle wax
  • 1 length of wick (trim to desired length) 4 to 5cm gives the best result
  • Place display on an even fire proof base such as a piece of slate 
  • Pop wick length into the snow allowing 0.5cm to be visible.



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