Battery Operated Candles With Timer


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 Create an evocative glow by grouping candles in the fireplace.  Use different heights for an eye-catching and authentic display. Elegant and safe to use, the Fervor and Hue battery operated pillar candle creates such a warm realistic flickering glow that it's impossible to tell its not an actual flame. With no harmful smoke or messy wax build-up, they keep your lanterns in perfect condition. they are actually made of the same real wax as traditional candles .

The timer is an exciting feature in these candles which offers peace of mind if concerned about forgetting to quench the normal wax candle.

The Timer feature offers the options of 4 Hour and 8 Hour working periods. Select 4H or 8H which is simply built-in to the on/off switch function. Your candle will then automatically switch off at the chosen time. If you do not adjust the setting, the candle will automatically light up at the same time the next day, and will remain lit as per the previous day.

Each candle requires AA battery x 3.

Photos used to illustrate the range of candle sizes on offer only, Multi-pack boxes containing all size options not available.  Each candle is individually boxed. Cardboard outer box, contains 1 Candle. Each Candle is individually priced according to candle height.

Each candle comes in a strong cello outer protective coat. This may be left on or not as desired. It will not interfere with the overall look of the candle or the functioning of same.

Wipe over with dry kitchen towel to remove any dust.

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