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Clever tricks are key to making the best use of space in every busy home and this is where the F+H Bin Stool really shines.

Visually, there is something appealing about the fluted style that adds a soft rippling line to a contemporary setting. White blends easily with any room decor scheme. Use to add texture within an neutral scheme or as an interesting focal point in a soft pastel setting.

 The Bin Stool is the most extra ordinarily multi-function piece available that you just wont believe it.  The  neat cup-cake design works as a sturdy stool, a compact side table or just flip it over and use as an instant storage solution for kiddies toys or to capture the laundry.  Many inspired gardeners have also used them to create a striking accent plant holder outside on the patio.

The Bin Stool works hard to make summer outdoor living easy for you....

Keeping drinks cool is very simple with the clever F+H Bin Stool. Fill with ice and hey presto, you have a handy drinks storage solution in an instant.

And the clever stuff doesn’t end there...

Have a couple of these stackable  containers on standby to flip over and let the Bin Stool create extra seating.

Use the Bin Stool as a quirky side table when lounging in the sunshine to keep drinks within reach.

Do a quick tidy-up at the end of another great evening by using the Bin Stool to carry everything back to the kitchen

  • 44cm height x 39cm width
  • 100% moulded plastic

Taking Care Of Your Bin stool

Is made from high quality polypropylene plastic and is lightweight, stackable and easy to store. 

It cannot be left outside all year round.  Freezing temperatures will affect this material and repeated change in temperature will wear down the integrity.

Wash with warm water and a gentle detergent.  Rinse and allow to air-dry.

No scrubbing with any abrasive or bleach based cleaning products.

Store indoors when summer is over.  Ensure that chairs are clean and dry before storing.


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